Small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) may not need to hire full-time accounting staff for bookkeeping purposes.  It is more efficient for many SMEs to concentrate on their business activities for faster growth, while Normsun Accounting & Taxation Services Limited can help to prepare full set of accounting records on a timely basis for efficient management of assets, liabilities and cash flows.

Our basic accounting services include:

-Maintenance of computerized books & accounting records

-Preparation of monthly/quarterly/annually management accounts

-Professional advice on selection of accounting policies

-Preparation of bank reconciliation statements

-Preparation of cashflow statements

-Preparation of various forms of budgets and forecasts

-Issue cheques for payment purposes

-Issue invoices or debit notes for billing purposes

-Preparation of payroll schedule

-Arrangement of MPF contributions

-Preparation of statement of affairs for liquidation purposes

-Xero Accounting

Accounting services are not only provided for limited liability company, but also for other forms of SMEs, including sole proprietorship and partnership. Monthly, quarterly or annual service plans are offered in competitive fees.  For further details, please contact us and we will be always happy to give you advice.