Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands, situated in the West Caribbean Sea, 640 km south to Miami and 268 km northwest to Jamaica, belongs to British Overseas Territory. Cayman is one of the two offshore jurisdictions accepted by Hong Kong Stock Exchange for listing in Hong Kong.


The main industries include Financial Services, Tourism, Real Estate and Development.

The Department of Commerce & Investment (DCI) is central in providing the necessary framework conducive to a successful business environment through our Licensing, Regulatory and Enforcement functions.
DCI provides business licensing services to specified sectors, ensuring compliance of licenced businesses with local commerce legislation and local and international standards. This includes administration and issuance of Trade & Business Licences, Local Company (Control) Licences, Tobacco Permits, Liquor Licences, Public Film Exhibition Premises Licences, and Special Economic Zone Company Licences.

For further information, please visit the government website.



    • Company Name Requirements: English name (Chinese name can be freely selected for additional registration fee)
    • 1 director
    • 1 shareholder (any nationality; directors and shareholders can be same person)
    • Standard Registered Capital USD 50,000
    • An additional registration fee increase with the number of registered shares.
    • Registration Fees: HK$24,000


    • Provide privacy protection, without disclosing shareholders and directors
    • Company is granted listing in Hong Kong Stock Exchange
    • No tax shall be declarable and payable
    • Chinese name can be shown in the Certificate of Incorporation of company
    • Open the bank account in Hong Kong
    • Cayman has no double taxation treaties with any other countries
    • No exchange control, easy to raise capital


Company name restrictions

The Company name should not be included BANK、TRUST、MUTUAL FUND INSURANCE、 Royal、Imperial、Empire、 Bank、Insurance、 Building Society、OR REINSURANCE.


Time required

When we receive signed documents, it require 30 working days to complete all registration procedures.