Once incorporated, Normsun Corporate Secretarial Services Limited can assist to place the Limited Liability Company in a position to commence business, and offer on-going support to ensure proper compliance with regulations of the corresponding place of incorporation.Our company secretarial services for Limited Liability Company cover:

Company Secretarial Service

-Acting as company secretary


-Maintenance of statutory registers and documents


-Preparation and filing of statutory documents to Company Registry


-Minutes for meetings or resolutions of directors and shareholders


-Providing advice on changes in share capital structure


-Provision of registered office address


-Provision of business correspondence address


In the light of globalisation and the development of international trading, the transnational flow of talents has become a common phenomenon. An employer is required to apply for a working visa for any foreigner, otherwise it will be deemed as ‘illegal employment’ and the employers have to bear legal responsibility.

Hong Kong Working Visa

China Working Visa


Trademark Registration, as a means of brand protection, is taken seriously by investors in various countries. Brand protection is a kind of region specific protection and different countries have their own requirements for trademark registration. We provides trademark application and registration services in China and around the world, and deals with various issues for our clients during the course of the complex International, Hong Kong and China trademark application process.

Hong Kong Trademark Registration

China Trademark Registration

International Trademark Registration

Global Trademark Monitoring

Bank Account Opening in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is renowned for its banking infrastructure. She is one of the few jurisdictions without foreign exchange control, which restrict fund flow into or out of Hong Kong bank accounts. The identity of account holder and transaction information is also subject to very high standard of confidentiality.

Deregistration of Limited Liability Company