Singapore Company Formation

Singapore is located on the southern tip of the Malaysia Peninsula. One of the original tiger economies, Singapore is now a major international financial and trade centre and rivals Hong Kong as the world’s biggest container port. Singapore has a reputation for being highly regulated, however in reality it is a carefully administered jurisdiction.

Advantages of Singapore Company


    • Minimum paid-up capital of S$1 only
    • Minimum 1 shareholder and 1 director
    • 100% foreign ownership allowed
    • No taxes on first 100K taxable income annually for first three years of a new Singapore company;
    • Only 9% tax rate on taxable income of up-to 300K annually starting YA 2008 ; Low overall flat tax rate of 18% on taxable income above 300K
    • Zero taxes on capital gains and dividends in general
    • Immigration visa (entrepreneur pass) available for company owners wishing to relocate to Singapore to run their new Singapore company
    • No exchange controls or restrictions on repatriation of profits

Basic Steps of Incorporation


    •  Get company name approval
    • Prepare registration documents
    • Client to sign company registration documents
    • Register company
    • Open bank account


We will prepare and submit all the necessary documentation for registering your Singapore company. The following information is required to be submitted to the registrar of companies (ACRA):


    •  Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Statutory Declaration of Compliance
    • Particulars of Shareholders, Directors, Secretaries, etc.
    • Certificate of Identity
    • Situation of Registered Office and Office Hours
    • Consent to Act as Director and Statement of Non-disqualification to Act as Director
    • A Consent to Act as Secretary


Time Required for the Application


The registration process of Singapore company normally completes in 10-15 days upon receiving all the signed documents.