To ensure tax filing requirements of the local tax authorities are properly met, Normsun Accounting & Taxation Services Limited can serve to prepare tax computations, complete tax returns, and make tax filings on a timely basis, so that you can devote more time on the faster growth of business.  Based on our understanding of your business operations, our firm can also help to review your tax position and offer practical tax plannings to minimize your tax exposure.

Our taxation advisory services include:


-Acting as tax representative in dealing with tax authorities


-Preparation of tax computation and completion of tax returns


-Application for time extension on filing of tax returns


-Application for holdover of provisional tax


-Handling IRD’s enquiries and tax field audits


-Handling tax objections and appeals


-Preparation of Employer’s Returns and Salaries Tax Returns


-Preparation of Property Tax Returns


-Application for Personal Assessment


-Advisory on employee’s compensation packages

Quotation for taxation services is given with reference to the types of tax returns required to be completed, and the nature of business activities.  For further details, please contact us and we will be always happy to give you advice.